Monday, December 14, 2015

Guantanamo Bay's Shaker Aamer Compares Prison to Azkaban

The last British resident held at Guantanamo Bay features in contrast the actual U.S. military facility inside Cuba towards the fictional prison in Harry Potter exactly where creatures suck the particular happiness out of criminals.

Shaker Aamer, 48, spoke out regarding his almost 14-year stay in Guantanamo Bay within his very first TV interview since returning to his loved ones in London within October, declaring the particular prison ended up being just like Azkaban in the well-known e-book series, according to the dead trigger 2 ios hack Independent.

"The closest thing regarding my thoughts can be [a] Harry Potter story. These People got hawaiian isle inside Harry Potter, it says 'Azkaban,' exactly where there can be no happiness plus they just suck your entire feelings out of you, along with you don't haven't any feelings any more," he advised BBC's Victoria Derbyshire. "And genuinely that's how I felt all regarding the time. Simply Because that's the issues they tried, you know. That They want to create anyone feelingless. they wish to deprive you from everything, anything."

The Saudi-born Aamer also said he ended up being often beaten, doused within freezing water as well as hog-tied in the facility "built on how anyone can destroy a new human," NBC Information reports.

"It's a course that's been designed simply by psychologists," he informed NBC News' U.K. partner, ITV News. "Torture is not regarding beating, torture just isn't concerning hanging from your ceiling along with handcuffs and all that."

Aamer urged President Barack Obama for you to shut down Gitmo. The Actual White house throughout July stated it was drafting a strategy to end up being able to finally close the particular military prison.

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